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Service provider in metrology equipment and services.

Precision, Traceability, Integrity and Service Delivery

DB Metrol Solutions Services Ltd offer a unique combination of experienced, competent personnel with state-of-the-art facilities to provide a wide range of metrology services.


Calibration of weights, measures, weighting instrument and measuring instrument.

Metrology/Technical Services

We carry out research and reports writings on all matters of metrology. We conduct trainings


The determination to ensure whether an instrument falls within tolerable limit of error, after



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Competent personnel with state of the art facilities

We provide calibration and certification testing services to government, traders, industry, servicing licensees and other organisation. We offer full repair facilities manned by fully trained engineers and technicians with many years of experience. They make sure that equipment used in day-to-day transactions remain correct, accurate and maintain acceptable limit of errors.

Pattern approval Examination consultants: Act as manufacturer representative in processing of pattern approval (Type Approval), by examines the patterns of instruments to ensure that it is fit for trade or other legal purposes.